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Hans Lucas is a SAS, a simplified joint stock company, with a capital of 8,000 Euros, chaired by Wilfrid Estève.

Head office at 4, place Victor Basch 11000 Carcassonne in France
Siret number: 492 791 470 00049
NAF / APE Code: 6391Z (News agency activities)
Intracommunity VAT number: FR 414 927 914 70

Contact: Wilfrid Estève on +33 (0)6 80 03 99 89 or

The works presented on this site or credited to Hans Lucas are not free of rights.
The moral and patrimonial rights of the works and content presented on this site or credited to Hans Lucas are the sole and integral property of Hans Lucas, their authors or their assignees, and the customer is forbidden to transfer them again. The Hans Lucas studio is mandated by the authors to distribute their works.

The use, reproduction and presentation of the works and/or content will be deemed lawful subject to reservation: 
. The respect of the conditions of use of the Hans Lucas studio by the client. 
. The respect by the client of the declared use, any other use, any re-use, any extension of use must be subject to a new authorisation in order to be legal. 

As soon as the facts relating thereto are established, any illicit use will give rise to the payment of a fixed compensation immediately payable equal to five times the agreed amount of the rights in respect of the declared use, without prejudice to any other damages.

All use of the works and content presented on this site or credited to Hans Lucas is subject to compliance with the Intellectual Property Code. The following conditions are formally binding on users of the works and/or content present on the Hans Lucas site and its partners ( platform, etc.). Each of the members declare that they have the necessary powers of representation.

Hans Lucas is the owner and operator of this website. All the works as well as the content produced or made available on this website, including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, photographs, Small Multimedia Works, videographs, sound works, illustrations, interactive documentaries. (hereinafter "The Content") is the property of Hans Lucas, its authors and content providers.

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Hans Lucas does not sell or rent customer information to third parties. Any information provided to us, including your email address and telephone number, is used internally only to keep you informed of the latest news and developments on the website. We also use your account information to personalise the content and services we offer you. Your activity on our website is recorded anonymously so that we can compile statistics and improve the performance of the service we offer you.

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