CATHOLIC PRESS PHOTO was born 45 years ago from a great idea of Giancarlo Giuliani, which has developed over the years and today defines its objective in socio-religious photos, with a particular point of view concerning the Vatican and its events, but continuing to follow the Italian and foreign news. 

The agency is also specialized in religions, covering all religions in their fundamental, social and institutional vision of the Vatican, with historical archives from the Second Vatican Council to the present day.

International distribution is done by the French partner agency HANS LUCAS. 

Contact, wilfrid@hanslucas.com at +33 (0)680039989

The archive contains 1,000,000 photographs since 1960. A personalized search in the archives can be done on request at wilfrid@hanslucas.com

The team of photographers at the Vatican is Alessia Giuliani and Massimiliano Migliorato.